The design files received from clients is reviewed by our pre-press team within our in-house design studio to ensure that all jobs are delivered error-free and of a very high quality. The files are checked for any issues related to fonts, images, bleed, etc and corrections, if required are carried out. The team also reviews the designs for any colour corrections, touch-ups and cut-outs to provide high-quality results. Client approval on final files is then obtained, after which the designs are sent for processing and plate-making using world-class thermal technology.

Our pre-press services include :

  • Complete desktop publishing services
  • Layout (design, photocomposition, page imposition, design modifications/corrections)
  • Colour management
  • Scanning
  • Contract colour proofing (hard proofing and remote PDF proofing)
  • Digital asset management/archiving
  • Computer-to-plate technology
  • Prototype design for dimensional printed products
  • Paper cutting

Content Development :

Since content development is an important and integral aspect in producing high quality publications and material, the company also offers support and inputs in preparing and editing the content in English and Gujarati. We have a team which undertakes specialized tasks such as:

  • Content development and editing for print
  • Photography
  • Translations (English and Gujarati)
  • Proof reading